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Polarized 3D Glasses
-  Polarized 3D glasses create the illusion of three-dimensional images by restricting the light that reaches each eye, an example of stereoscopy. A three-dimensional moving picture is created by projecting two slightly different images together onto a single screen. All the viewer has to wear is a pair of Polarized 3D Glasses which contain similar filters. Since each filter will only admit light that is similar in polarization while also blocking the perpendicular polarized light, each of the eyes will see only one of the images, thus creating the said effect.
Light reflected from a movie screen tends to lose some polarization. If an aluminized or silver screen is used, the situation can be resolved. This means that a pair of aligned DLP projectors, some polarizing filters, a silver screen, and a computer with a dual-head graphics card can be used to form a relatively low-cost ( roughly$10000 in 2003) system for displaying stereoscopic 3d data simultaneously to many people at once wearing polarized 3D glasses. There is a system now available, called a GeoWall that has helped the Earth Sciences field immensely.
The most practical method of showing 3D images to just one person is a device called an image combiner, which involves two perpendicular screens and a system of partly-aluminized mirrors. While one image is viewed through the precisely angled mirror, the other is merely a reflection. Correctly adjusted 3D glasses are equipped and filters, properly polarized, are attached to the image screens. There is another, similar system that projects on one screen with the topmost image inverted and viewed in a partly reflective horizontal surface and the lower image shown right-side up. Polarizing techniques involve using cathode ray technology, while polarizer's are used within LCD screens for pixel control-this can interfere with these processes.
In 2004 Kiego Iizuka uncovered a cost effective method of using this principle on laptop computer displays using cellophane sheets.

Polarized stereoscopic pictures have existed since 1936, Edwin H... Land first applied it to motion pictures. 1952 through 1955 was when the "3-D madness" hit most theatres ,offering patrons 3D Glasses. Note that with the use of anaglyph color filter method, only a small amount of the 3D films of that period were known to use the effect. The novel aspect is their use of digital projection and high-tech IMAX 70mm film projectors, with extremely trustworthy mechanical parts. A whole new generation of 3D animation films are beginning to show up in the theaters, all using some form of polarization. It is somewhat difficult to apply the process of polarization to home 3D or DVD presentations. At this point only anaglyph glasses may be used to view the new HD shows and are beginning to be aired occasionally by NBC and the Discovery Channel.
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Custom Polarized Glasses
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Plastic Polarized Glasses
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Captains Style & Clip-on - Plastic Polarized 3D Glasses - Plastic Linear Polarized lenses mounted at 45/135 & 0/90 degree angles. Also available with Circular Polarized Lenses. High quality Polarized 3D Glasses with acrylic lenses. These glasses are used with a variety of gaming platforms and monitors when passive polarizing glasses are required.
Amusement Park Style Plastic Polarized 3D Glasses - Standard recyclable glasses. Linear polarized lenses are mounted at opposing 45 degree angles. Used by Disney Theme Parks, IMAX Theaters, Universal Studios and for 3D Gaming. Fits over most regular frames with corrective lenses. (Does Not Work for Home Viewing of IMAX 3D DVD's) Please call for quantity discount pricing.

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