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Science & Education

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Exploring Light & Color
Diffraction Gratings, Prisms & Color Film Gels - The Study of Light and Color

Complimentary Education Lesson Plan - Diffraction Grating - "Free"

Diffraction Grating Glasses

Rainbow Peepholes -Fun with diffraction grating

Diffraction Grating Slides-Double Axis-13,500 Line/inch

Diffraction Grating Slides- Linear 500 Line/mm

Diffraction Grating Slides- Linear 1000 Line/mm

Diffraction Grating Film Sheets - Double Axis 13,500 Line/inch

Diffraction Grating Film Sheets - Linear 500 Line/mm

Diffraction Grating Film Sheets - Linear 1000 Line/mm

Diffraction Grating Film Rolls - Double Axis 13,500 Line/inch - 6" x 200'

Diffraction Grating Film Rolls - Linear 500 Line/mm - 6" x 200'

Diffraction Grating Film Rolls - Linear 1000 Line/mm - 6" x 200'

Fireworks Glasses -Planet #1

American Flag # 1 - Firework Glasses

American Flag # 2 - Firework Glasses

Original Laser Viewers 3D Fireworks Glasses

Plain Neon Fireworks Glasses

"Plastic Frame" Rainbow Fireworks Glasses

Right Angle Prisms

Rainbow Holograpic Spinning Top

Rainbow Spinner
3D Glasses, Slides & Picture CD's

Complimentary Education Lesson Plan - Anaglyph 3D - "Free"

Anaglyph 3D Glasses - Red/Blue or Red/Cyan Lenses

Anaglyph Hand Held 3D Glasses

"Plastic Frame" Anaglyph 3D Glasses - Proview Professionals The Highest Quality

Proview Clip-Ons Professional 3D Glasses

Ultimate 3D Glasses, Anaglyph 3D Glasses, Pulfrich 3D TV Glasses, Sun Glasses

Polarized 3D Glasses

Linear Polarized Film Sheet

Linear Polarized Slides

Re-Usable Lab Glasses

Decoder Glasses - Secret Reveal

Pulfrich 3D Glasses

Large Format MARS 3D Poster

Very Large Format Mars 3D Poster

35mm Mars 3D Slide Set

Best Of Mars/Pathfinder 3D Picture CD

Solar System 3D Picture CD

Civil War 3D Picture CD

Death Valley 3D Picture CD

Mesa Verde National Park 3D Picture CD

Hubble Space Telescope Picture CD

3D IQ New 3D Viewer with Gallery Card Set

3D•IQ® Variety Card Sets

Dino Heads Cardboard Dinosaur Models


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