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Rainbow Symphony Inc. has been supplying quality paper 3D glasses and specialty optical products for over 30 years. Whether you're looking to buy specific types of 3-D Glasses, Fireworks Glasses and Rainbow Glasses or Eclipse Shades - Safe Solar Viewers, you can be certain, we have the experience and expertise to handle your request. Over the years, we has delivered millions and millions of 3D glasses to many of the worlds leading companies and for a wide range of special promotions and events. No matter what the size of your company or special event, you can count on us to deliver as promised at a competitive price that meets your budgetary requirements.To Buy 3D Glasses, Call or e-mail us today with your specialty and promotional needs. We are confident we can respond with an affordable solution for virtually any legitimate request. So, for better quality, service and prices, get your 3-D glasses from the manufacturer of the True Originals

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 Fireworks Glasses
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 The #1 3D Glasses for Anaglyph Viewing!!
View Mars in 3-D -  Mars 3-D Gallery
Mars 3D Gallery
Great anaglyph 3-D images  from Mars Opportunity, Spirit & Sojourner Rovers.
View Earth in 3-D
SRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. Anaglyph 3D Images of the Earth. Radar Scan Images from JPL/NASA.
NASA Stereo Mission
The Sun in 3D

STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) is the third mission in NASA's Solar Terrestrial Probes program.
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Rainbow Glasses, Fireworks Glasses -
Holographic diffraction grating lenses that breaks light into the spectrum or rainbow starbursts. For viewing fireworks displays, laser light shows and for the study of light and color.
Rainbow Symphony Store Anaglyph -3D Glasses with Lenses of red/ blue or red/green for interpreting anaglyphic art. These 3D Glasses are Used for viewing 3D comics, 3D websites on the internet, movies and TV, 3D games, printing and art.
Polarized -3D Glasses with  Both linear and circular polarized 3D glasses. Used primarily for 3D laser shows, ride simulators, multimedia displays and special 3-D movies.
Pulfrich- 3D Glasses with One dark and one clear lens. These 3D Glasses are Used for 3D TV broadcasts, video and computer screens.
Decoders - Lenses of red/red, blue/blue or any identical colors. Decode secret messages, games, sweepstakes.
Hand Held Viewers - These 3D Glasses Can be made with any lens configuration and has no temple stems.
3-d glasses Bind-Ins -The perfect 3D Glasses for direct mail campaigns, binding into publications and for in-pack and on-pack promotions.
Eclipse Shades - Safe Solar Viewers - Eclipse viewing glasses. Safe for direct solar viewing. Lenses of double aluminized mylar and special polymers. For viewing total and annular eclipses and sun spots.

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Rainbow Glasses

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Eclipse Shades
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View the Sun Now
The Sun Now!


Science & Education Buy Diffraction Gratings
Science & Education
Choose from a wide selection of education and science related products, diffraction gratings, eclipse viewers, planets in 3D, kits & lesson plans for educators, and much more!!
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Why purchase 3D Glasses from Us? We have been custom designing and manufacturing 3D Glasses and other specialty optics for over 30 years. Whether you need a couple of our stock 3D Glasses or something custom designed, we can handle the task and yes, we really have manufactured millions of pairs of 3-D Glasses, Just ask our clients.

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