Polarized Glasses
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Polarized 3D Glasses
- Polarized lenses specially cut at opposing 45° degree angles for viewing stereo pairs projected through left and right polarizing filters. These glasses are specifically used for viewing polarized 3D movies, 3D laser shows, concerts, ride simulators and multi media displays. Both linear and circular polarized 3D glasses. Polarized glasses are available in orientations of 45/135, 0/90 and circular polarizing lenses. Cardboard polarized glasses come in a variety of stock colored frames. One size fits all. We are the largest manufacturer of paper polarized 3D glasses. Please contact us about custom printing and custom die cut shapes. Please email us or call 818-708-8400 with your special request.

Custom Polarized Glasses
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Polarized Glasses Polarized Glasses
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Polarized Glasses
Polarized Fun Time Glasses
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Polarized Glasses
Plastic Polarized Glasses
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Captains Style & Clip-on - Plastic Polarized 3D Glasses - Plastic Linear Polarized lenses mounted at 45/135 & 0/90 degree angles. Also available with Circular Polarized Lenses. High quality Polarized 3D Glasses with acrylic lenses. These glasses are used with a variety of gaming platforms and monitors when passive polarizing glasses are required.
Amusement Park Style Plastic Polarized 3D Glasses - Standard recyclable glasses. Linear polarized lenses are mounted at opposing 45 degree angles. Used by Disney Theme Parks, IMAX Theaters, Universal Studios and for 3D Gaming. Fits over most regular frames with corrective lenses. (Does Not Work for Home Viewing of IMAX 3D DVD's) Please call for quantity discount pricing.

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